Signature DUO Blend 002


1 Solar Eclipse

1 Skin Food Blend


Both enhance vitality, endurance and strengthen the immune, nervous and circulatory system. The Skin Food Blend is a blood tonic, natually high in vital minerals such as; calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, all essential amino acids and chlorophyll. Energetically this blend brings protection, healing, supports one in taken full responsibility for their actions. 


Solar Eclipse to assist with a clarity, relaxation and concentration. This blend is to support one's journey during a time of transition. Whether it be a need to aid courage during times of fear, anxiety or the good dose of imposter syndrome that pervades our minds and breaks our spirit and sometimes inhibits our growth. Energetically, this blend brings about internal resilience. Power tip, sip prior meetings, meditation, self care rituals and divination.


Sip your body into serenity.

Signature DUO Blend 002


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