The powerful sibiling NETTLE and RED RASPBERRY LEAF complement our daily nutritional needs.


Serves our blood and brain. Nettles high chlorophyll content is essential to fuel our daily nutrtional needs. Supplement as a herbal tea that you may sip twice a day or add to your stews, salads and smoothies. RED RASPBERRY LEAF tones the lower body organs and pelvic muscles, which helps ease difficulties associated with uterine disorders. She relieves tension, making it excellent medicine during childbearing and aftercare during post natal recovery. Red Raspberry also aids relief in extreme cases of diarrhoea, strengthens the kidneys and urinary tract.



Drink at least 2 litres of spring water daily and 2 cups of Red Raspberry and Nettle tea which both contain significant amounts of chlorophyll, iron, B-vitamins, magnesium which supports with allergies, fatigue, strengthen the whole and tone body, especially the uterus. Both herbs are replenishing and call for action during labour especially as they strengthen and tone the womb, assisting contractions whilst checking any haemorrhage during labour. An overall reproductive tonic. 

1 tablespoon of Nettle leaf + 1 tablespoon of Red Raspberry + 1 cup of hot water, steep for 20mins.


DISCLAIMER: Only drink from the second trimester onwards.


Sip both together in the ratio of 1:1, steep for overnight for a potent tonic the following morning. 



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