Our medical grade douching kit helps to eliminate most uterine problems.

It works by deacidifying the blood at the primary location of the ailment.

It helps to cleanse any pathologies that may be manifesting within the uterus. 

Energetically, you will find yourself lifting all the tension you have been storing and holding onto, especially past traumatic experiences. 


Now, it is not a plain and simple method to getting to a place of healing emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Only a holistic perspective will assist in healing. And this process may take time. The key method is consistency and listening to your body.


Supplementing with a plant based diet and herbs, seeking safe counsel, adequate amounts of rest, holistic therapies, affirmation, prayer, gratitude and creating a home no matter where your are which in turn is also your sanctuary will be your founding structure for high esteem, clarity, vitality and a internal/eternal beauty that isn't fleeting. 



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