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Boost your mineral content and ADD Seamoss to your cup of tea.Seamoss contains 92 minerals supporting bone health, skin health, digestion, hair, nails, repoductive organs, the thryoid glands, cognitive development and more many ailments.Seamoss Mask aids supple and soft skin whilst rehydrating dull skin. Suited for fading blemishes, acne scars, uneven skin tone, large pores and fine lines. One must supplement with 3 litres of pure water daily. How To Use: supplement 4 tablespoons daily by adding to Water, teas, smoothies, juices and meals OR apply one tablespoon of gel apply from the neck in a upward motion toward the whole face. Leave until the mask becomes dry and tight. Wipe the mask using cold water and a clean muslin or towel. Tone and moisture.  Use mask two times a week. How To Store: keep refrigerated up to 4 weeks.


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