MUTULU BOTANICA houses an e-commerce apothecary and pop up botanical bar. Our e-shelves are stocked with our signature smokable herbal blend 'ALKALEAF™' and 2019 product of the year 'SKIN FOOD™' handcrafted to soothe skin conditions from the inside out and last but not least our botanical bar favorite 'PUSSY JUICE™'. 

The PUSSY JUICE™ is our no.1 shero product.

She is our artisanal non-alcoholic wine layered with sweet dark berries, African spices crafted to celebrate sensuality. Be sure to grab a glass if you catch us at one of our pop up botanical bars or you can order a slim case via

MUTULU, founder and craftswoman of MUTULU BOTÀNICA. During the year 2014 MUTULU began her training in Western Herbal Medicine and plant-based nutrition. She has since gone on to explore and the depths of African traditions in medicine and nutritional therapy.

Within these simple and traditional principles of wellness, MUTULU is redefining cultural foods and beverages through the medium of the Alkaline lifestyle and the daily use of basic herbal medicine.  

MUTULU facilitates Attaya's (African Tea Ceremonies), Alkaline Cooking classes, and workshops to educate the means to achieve high esteem, emotional wellness, body positivity all through the medium of traditional herbal medicines. MUTULU also has a YOUTUBE channel 'MUTULU BOTANICA' dedicated to Alkaline recipes. 

Ask MUTULU for tweaks on plant-based recipes, next dates on pop up's or Alkaline cooking classes here Instagram @mutulubotanica