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One ritual and it's multiple uses

January 19, 2018

Who counsel's the counsellors?
Who heal's the healers?

Through conversation with my sisters, I was able to realise that I found my healing through serving other's.


Florida Water is staple among the sisters I know. Through conversations and healing sessions I have giving self care rituals and I received some... a Florida Water ritual in particular has served me well.

Florida Water became a stable cologne in the United States in 1808. The cologne was prized for its invigorating and sensual scent. Often substituted as a aftershave lotion for its soothing after effect and refreshing properties ( men, catch your blessings please ).

My reason for stocking this beauty is not because of the aforementioned... Florida Water is staple among the healers and the healed. We revere this cologne for it's cleansing, purifying and healing qualities.

Ways to cure the incurable.

This bath recipe was gifted to me by Sister @Azizawho

2 or 3 caps of Florida Water ( if you use 2 caps of Florida Water use only 2 Limes )

2 or 3 whole limes ( cut in half and squeeze juice into bath water. Throw the Lime skins in the bath too )

1 cup of Epsom salt or Dead sea salt or Himalayan/pink salt

Speak to you bath water and affirm who you are and what you need ( not what you want ) prior to submerging yourself in the bath water.

Soak and sip Dandelion, Red Clover, Gingko Biloba tea. Any one would do or you could blend all three for ultimate clarity, support and hydration.

Power tip. Do not shy away from the emotions that may come up. Feel it and then release it. This is natural and necessary. Just be and let the Waters be your safe space. If you feel heavy at heart affirm your healing, speak words of empowerment to yourself then ask for guidance and protection ( insert whoever you honour )

This ritual is for the broken hearted, those who have experienced trauma, loss, sexual harassment and anxiety/panic attacks.

Last power tip. Shower, never bathe with your bath Water, only fresh Water using an au naturale soap such as; Black soap or Dr Bronners liquid castle soap.

Trust the process and rest.

2nd Ritual | Florida Water for daily protection

Dab a little on your temple, heart and womb or testis for the Brotha's. Affirm your protection, call upon the Ancestor's ( personal family members who have transitioned or any ancestors who inspires you ).

Carry great intention of holding what you hear and do not let gossip become one with you.

3rd Ritual | Home blessing + Home Spring Clean

Sweep or hover then add hot Water to the mop bucket + chemical free floor cleaner and 3 caps of Florida Water. 

Call upon the energy you want in your home as you mop also affirm the energy you do not want in your home. Open the windows or front door for ultimate drying and for the gentle breeze to bless your newly cleansed home.

Power tip. New moon ritual

Florida Water will be available on the store this Spring. #SHOPÌBILE


By Mutulu Oblongata 


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