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Botanical Rituals 002

November 19, 2018

Botanical Rituals are where we dig a lil into the essence of plants and in return we explore how they and us can connect on a intimate level. This is called Plant Spirit Medicine.


Botanical name : Rosa

Common name : Rose


Gender : Feminine Associated w/Planet : Venus 


Characteristic is the Element of : Water 


Powers it possesses : Love, Psychic powers, Healing, Love Divination, Luck and Protection.


Roses are used to symbolise unconditional Love as She energetically possesses the ability to unveil our Hearts truth. Emotion is a weapon used against us in every way. Whether it be children longing for a toy so in turn they play or "toy" with their nurturers emotions to get what they want or when ol' boy drops the D on you then leaves you bamboozled whilst "toying" with another pumpkin patch and creates a whole new life, but won't let you go so He drops the D on you occasionally and maybe some Roses too! Wow. Yes, I am writing from a sore wound.


I'm sure you get my point. Nonetheless Roses can be used to strengthen a loving bond, capture your Love's interest or my ultimate purpose for this think-piece, connecting with Roses to heighten our emotional intelligence.


With all this power we possess as Human beings we could work a lil harder on building a relationship with the ecological system around us rather than just using up whatever serves us and running rampant with the amount we consume.


Treat plants as you would like to be treated. It could really be so simple.


When working with Rose it's best to share Her with someone you Love and trust. Now, who do you know and trust better than yourself..? The answer should really be no one. I state this from a open, realistic and unfiltered place. We are our first true Love and everything else in between. Whatever we attract/ed is a reflection of whatever we base our values on. All stated in my humble opinion.


Wherever I have experienced guilt, self-sabotage, loss, pain of any sort I would project. Therefore it would "lessen" my harsh realities. But it never really did. Plant Spirit Medicines such as Rose can aid comfort and assist in downloading what matters we are avoiding.

Fear is the lowest frequency which plagues the mind, therefore will attack the body and kill the Spirit. But fear is something we all know and some people Love. 


Human nature is challenging, Plants however have a low tolerance level for humans, so it's a match made for this heaven and hell.


Rose personally has revealed my shadow self and has assisted me during the process of making peace or enabling my insights to be clearer.


Ways to connect with the essence of Rose :

Rose tea ceremony - sip prior going to bed. This may assist in downloading your true emotions. Doing this ritual as often as possible will enable you to reconnect with self and harness your intuition. This ritual also induces prophetic dreams.


Headache and confusion - dampen a clean flannel with Rose Water and place over the forehead to relieve and recuperate.


Enhancing Self Love - gather 30g of fresh pesticide-free Roses or 15g of dried Rose petals, add to the bath. Resting time: soak for 30 minutes. 

During this process affirm where your emotions lie. Observe the coming season for changes within and around you.


To experience Plant Spirit Medicines head to our online apothecary. I may have something you like.


Stay connected for all pop up's and events via @ibilebotanica


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November 19, 2018

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